Ms. Betty

Ms. Betty has welcomed guests to the motel since 1994.  She is full of kindness and always is seen with a smile.  She loves to talk with guests about their travels over a hot cup of coffee and pastry.

Mr. Carlos

A long-time family friend, I have worked many years with the Baer family providing the best service possible.

Mr. Paul and Ms. Denise

Mr. Paul (shown here with his beautiful wife, Ms. Denise) was born in Alaska and enjoys sharing with guests all that there is to do in Fairbanks.

Mr. Biscuit

Mr. Biscuit is a loving golden.  He is approximately 10 year old and is known for his loyalty, gentleness, and the way he “talks” to people.  He absolutely loves food.

Ms. Biscotti

Ms. Biscotti is approximately 6 years old and yearns to be outside playing ball.  She is full of personality and loves children.

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